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18 Foot 101" Wide -----Rear Ramps ------9900 GVW
3.2 V6---Auto---AWD--Power Heated leather---Sunroof
4 Cyl ----Auto-----Power Leather-----Pano Sunroof
Power Heated Leather----Sunroof-----All Wheel Drive
Power Heated Leather----Sunroof------NAV-----Heads up display
Power Heated Leather----PW----PL-----AWD
Power Heated Leather----Sunroof------NAV-----
5.3 V8---AC---Custom Stereo----Front Disc---17" Wheels
Super Stock Drag Car----Rolling Chassis-----4-Link---9" Rear
6.2V8----455HR---8 Speed Auto---Sunroof-----Heated Seats-----50th Anniversary---
6.2V8----Performance package----Power Heated leather----Navigation---
Local Trade---V8----TV----High Top---PW---PL
4.8 V8 ---Auto--Storage Bins& ladder Rack-PW, PL
Handicap-----Fold Down Ramp-----Tie downs
5.3 V8---Auto---Power Heated Leather
1996 LT-1 V8----700 R4 Auto----Power Windows----Power Doors---NICE CLEAN CAR
Super Clean----5.3 V8---Auto---4x4---New Inspection-
5.3V8---4x4---Power Heated Leather---Sunroof---Back up Cam----Fiberglass Cap
8.1 V8 ---Auto---4x4---Pw---PL -----P Seat
Diesel---Auto---4x4----Power Heater Leather---Nav---Fiberglass Cap
6.0 V8----Auto---4x4---Power Leather---Power Windows & Locks---3/4 ton---Local Trade--
5.3 V8----Auto----4x4-Power Leather---Sunroof----Power Windows-----Power Locks
Power Heated/Cool leather/--Back up Cam---Sunroof----Navigation ---Dual DVD
Page: 1 of 3 (64 vehicles)
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